How Should the Infertility Field Respond to Eggsploitation?

Maybe you’ve seen its horrific trailer or have heard about it through the professional grapevine. And perhaps you’re thinking that it is just one more in a long line of attacks on the infertility field that will go away of its own accord.

That may or may not be happen, But here are a few reasons why I think every infertility provider should be aware of the film and its creator, see it, if possible, and be prepared for its potential aftermath:

1) It is a sustained attack on the infertility field and egg donation. It was released last summer and it continues to make its impact across the country and internationally with frequent screenings in major cities.
2) It is connected to the larger “personhood” movement whose goal is to legally define embryos as people and ultimately restrict IVF and other reproductive rights.
3) To measure any fall-out it could have an egg donor recruitment and/or attitudes of intended egg donor parents.
4) To be proactive with promoting best practices around egg donor recruitment and education.

As difficult as it may be to watch a film that is so distorted and one-sided and that attacks the core of all we do in the family building field, it is still important to be educated and cognizant about its effect. So if you have the opportunity, please watch the film (or at least the trailer), though be prepared for your emotions to run high and your blood to boil.

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