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The Right Experience for Your Needs
Terri Davidson is a marketing specialist who has worked with a variety of fertility clinics, physician practices, hospitals, home health care agencies, other health care organizations, higher education institutions, nonprofits, and small businesses.

Davidson led the winning marketing efforts for two of the country’s largest fertility clinics and has worked in other health care marketing management positions. She now consults with fertility clinics, health care providers, academic institutions and associations, and small businesses in the Northeast and around the country. A “jack of all trades,” Terri Davidson brings a wealth of successful experience in communications, advertising, Web site writing, social media, graphic design, strategy, media relations and customer relationship management. Davidson Communications also collaborates with a team of marketing vendors who bring the specific expertise required by her clients. She’ll make the most of your marketing dollar.


Thinking Before Acting

We think; therefore we are. Meaning, we always will apply marketing principles and techniques to any of your requests so we know you are using your marketing dollars wisely. For example, a client wanted to produce a monthly printed newsletter for its customers; Davidson Communications encouraged the creation of email blasts that would save money on printing and postage, as well as allow for the monitoring of click-through rates. Additionally, the client could create its own issues after we developed a template and provided training on how to use the system.


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