George Conduragis: Reference for Terri Davidson

From the first day of her employment, Terri Davidson has demonstrated the initiative, creativity and drive that has marked her entire tenure at the Fertility Center of New England. With minimal orientation, Terri enthusiastically embraced the task of organizing the final details of a major physician conference that was held six weeks after her date of hire. Thanks to Terri’s ability to “go with the flow,” her organizational skills and a take-charge attitude, the conference was a success. After it was over, Terri took the initiative to train herself about the infertility field and the services offered by the Center and plunged right into marketing FCNE.

Terri’s major responsibilities at the Fertility Center revolved around marketing communications, event planning, and marketing strategy. She transformed the organization’s marketing materials into sophisticated, consumer-focused communication pieces. All the events she planned, from patient education seminars for 20 couples to a Baby Reunion for 1000 people, were well-planned and carefully detailed. She created and developed the Center’s Website, the first of its kind in New England, which received accolades for its user-friendly focus and has generated 12,000 hits per week. She took the Fertility Center into the realm of heightened consumer marketing with redesigned print ads that positioned the Center as one of the region’s leading infertility providers, as well as its first venture into radio advertising, which both generated new patients and greatly increased name recognition. Working with the other members of our management team, she was instrumental in helping the Center’s affiliation with a new health care partner run smoothly, efficiently and successfully.

As the Center grew from three physicians to six, Terri looked at the big picture: the regional health care scene, the changing infertility field and the needs of infertile couples to develop a marketing plan and strategy that puts customers first. Two examples of her recommendations to help increase business and improve patient satisfaction included her support in hiring of a physician liaison to externally market the Center and participation in the development of a mind-body program to help patients cope with the stress of infertility, as well as capitalize on a growing health care trend.

To summarize, Terri Davidson is a bright, creative team player with strong communication and organizational skills. She works well with her colleagues, peers, and health care partners. Though all of Terri’s individual accomplishments here are impressive, her most important asset to any organization is her ability to never lose sight of her major role: to generate referrals and business.


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