Boston IVF

Marketing America’s Most Successful Fertility Provider

Creating Successful Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns

While she was marketing director of Boston IVF, Terri Davidson led the nation’s largest fertility clinic’s winning marketing efforts. Davidson directed the work of freelance graphic designers, photographers, advertising agencies, and radio production companies and produced an extensive body of results-oriented marketing materials. Additionally, she coordinated successful seminar planning, physician sales, customer relationship management and media relations, including the release of a front-page Boston Globe article that became of the nation’s leading press stories in 2001. She also spearheaded an integrated marketing campaign for the launch of a major satellite location, with 92% of new patients reporting they heard about the new location through consumer advertising.

Marketing Activities

  • Marketing plan
  • Brochure and newsletter creation
  • Print, radio and transit advertising
  • Patient satisfaction programs
  • Organization of patient seminars
  • Media relations


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