The New Marketing Reality: Opportunities and Challenges for Fertility Practices and Agencies

I don’t need to tell fertility providers about the toll the recession is taking on the infertility field: how couples are putting their baby plans on hold; how those needing infertility treatment are finding it difficult to pay for it when credit has stopped flowing or if they are fearful of losing their jobs and/or insurance coverage; or how some experts are predicting a 20% decrease in fertility procedures this year. This issue has even made the news with The New York Post and the LA Times recently publishing articles on fertility clinics’ financial woes and attempts to correct them. I definitely don’t need to tell you that one of the saddest aspects of the recession is the profound effect it will have on the lives of people who need to postpone dreams they may never be able to fulfill.

So I can stop describing the negative because most likely you are living and working in that reality, to one degree or another. You don’t need to hear more about the problem; you need information about how your organization can meet the challenges of these new economic conditions. Many are taking action. Various clinics are responding to this crisis by developing creative financing packages and discounted services, recognizing that price is a determining factor in their marketing strategy. Others are finding common ground and community and discovering the benefits of social media by connecting on Facebook and Twitter. These are just two examples of how the fertility field is innovating and thinking out of the box.

Regardless of the current state of your practice, you can move forward to assure your success now and in the future. You have the ability to transform this “crisis” into opportunities you never conceived of before.

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