East Coast Fertility

Conceiving a New Era in Fertility Care

Transitioning during a name change and rebranding

2004 was a busy year for East Coast Fertility, formerly known as Kreiner IVF. Along with changing its name, East Coast Fertility opened a new IVF center and hired two reproductive endocrinologists. It retained Davidson Communications to promote these milestones. First, Davidson helped position East Coast Fertility with a new tag line: Conceiving a New Era in Fertility Care. Then, she created an array of new collateral material including an announcement card, patient brochure, open house invitations, and print and cinema ads, all of which reinforced the clinic’s new name, tag line, colors and message.


  • Marketing plan
  • Announcement card
  • Clinic brochure
  • Newspaper ads
  • Movie Theatre ads
  • Event invitation


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